The ArchGPT Foundation

The ArchGPT Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing the growth of The ArchGPT Editor and the ArchGPT open-source framework, as well as helping communities and individuals to see and understand the transformative potential of Large-Language-Models-based technologies. The ArchGPT Foundation's aim is to promote, protect, and advance ArchGPT and all Large-Language-Models-based open-source technologies to lower the barriers to entry for tech enthusiasts across every industry.

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At the heart of the ArchGPT Foundation, we believe that humans are always more superior than A.I.

Humans possess a unique ability to constantly evolve and change.. the intrinsic quality that defines our humanity, as we move about in this world. Our physical body, composed of approximately 40 trillion cells, is the most intricate system in the universe. And beyond our individual experiences, we are part of a collective consciousness capable of grasping the profound truths of our universe.. that which we express through science and art, and in philosophies and theologies. The full potentials of the life energy in each of us are not to be underestimated.

Whenever we live mindfully and stay connected with our hearts, we can embark on an endless journey of self-discovery and wonder, immersing ourselves in the marvels of this world while tapping into the profound wisdom of our intuition.

In the Buddhist tradition, this characteristic of human is known as buddhadhatu, the Buddha Nature present in everyone fortunate enough to be born as a human. In Christianity, this is understood as the doctrine that all humans are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). In Islamism, this concept is referred to as fitrah (فطرة), the divine spirit that God has breathed into Adam.

“neque dicent: Ecce hic, aut ecce illic. Ecce enim regnum Dei intra vos est.” — Jesus Christ

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”


The ArchGPT Foundation also organizes meditation courses, primarily focusing on breathwork and visualization practices, as well as remote-work-retreats and provides corporate training programs with WHOOP fitness trackers.

We believe the best kind of productivity is rooted in Zen-living and working in mindfulness. It is in the profound communion with our innermost being that ingenuity and striking innovations may arise! As the old adage wisely counsels: “Govern your mind with the same rigor as your blade. In the calm of focused intent, you uncover both clarity and might.”

From the ArchGPT remote-work-retreat in Chiangmai, Thailand, 2024.

Hi there.

Nice to see you've made it to the bottom of the web page.

Here is an ergonomic hack for you: using two keyboards at the same time can effectively prevent shoulder strain and improve your posture!

The set-up can be similiar to the image above; or you can also position the two keyboards at the same vertical level. Either way, cushions can be deployed too. The bottom right of the pic is actually a dark-blue pillow for the right forearm.

[IN DETAILS] i.e. to use one keyboard for the left hand (🫲: in charge of every key towards-the-left of around 5,T,G,V) and the other keyboard for the right hand (🫱: in charge of every key towards-the-right of around 6,Y,H,B).

Adjust the distance between the two keyboards at the whim of your arms! To optimize for the most natural position without your arms bending inwards (at the mercy in the width of one keyboard ).

This way, you can keep your shoulders relaxed and prevent them from getting stiff. Give it a try and once you are used to it, you will never want to go back to using just one keyboard. Have a great day!


1. The additional keyboard should be the same size as your laptop's keyboard. What you want is to trick your brain into feeling that you are using just one keyboard. (And honestly it feels so nice once you get the hang of it!)

2. For right-handere, you can place the additional keyboard at the left of your table for your left hand. So you leave your right hand free to use the trackpad/mouse. Everything should feel nature and comfortable. (And, with enough practices, very smooth!)

3. Your shoulders are never designed to be enclosed in a cramped-up fixed position (i.e. proportional to a single keyboard) for long hours! To maximize comfort and Zen-ness, you want to keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and loose, and to effortlessly maintain a good posture for your upper body. Now that's hot ;)

4. Combining two keyboards with eye-level monitor(s) and a good chair, you can naturally sit up straight as you operate your work station. Ultimiately, you want to be in a hyper-focus state while also being optimally relaxed, enjoying max comfort and productivity. 😉

Thus spoke the Master, "enter Zen from here; only now."

Live Long and Propser,
Archy Will He