The ArchGPT Foundation: to transit from an AI-centric economy to a mindfulness-centric economy
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The Arch in ArchGPT stands for "Architecture for Reasoning and Computing over Hyerpgraph".

1. archgpt.lib 🦙

archgpt.lib is an open-source NodeJS framework for Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG) over any user-defined Knowledge Base to create a hypergraph structure for orchestrating Large Language Models such as GPT4-o and Llama3.


archgpt.lib is the foundation framework behind The ArchGPT Editor.

Currently still work in progress, the ArchGPT Editor is a user-friendly interactive text editor for managing and editing your Knwoledge Base (i.e. of any domain knowledge) to conduct prompt-ochestration.

With the The ArchGPT Editor, users can easily create expert AI systems via prompt-ochestration over their Knwoledge Base for multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) of their choice. No experience in programming is needed.

The ArchGPT Editor is designed to ensure seamless integration of AI systems into any web application.

Also coming up: ArchGPT workshops and training programmes for individuals and businesses to learn the best practices for working with multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) using the ArchGPT Editor.

2. lo.fish 🐟

A meta-programming language for automating code generation in any codebase with archgpt.lib.

3. mood.vin 🍇

mood.vin is a serial of courses and training programmes for mindfulness and meditation practices, together with sound-bathing to help you relax after a long day of work ~

5. Insominum 🌕

An open-source 100%-local API testing tool.

https://github.com/ArchGPT/insomnium (3.3k stars~)